WIP Update – It’s in the Cards


I knew, logically knew, that trying a different way of writing wouldn’t magically turn me into someone who churned out a novel every few months. But I hoped it would.

Instead, using the scene-on-index-card approach has highlighted a few things about my writing in general. One of this things being that my characters’ emotional arc is my giant Achilles’ heel. I’m not able to effectively show it.

The point of writing each scene on the card was so that when everything was finished and ready, I’d sit down at the keyboard with a road map. I’d just flesh out scene one, then scene two and before I knew it, I’d be finished.

However, when I pulled down the cards and started to arrange them in order, I found most cards unhelpful and vague: likes anatomy but is uneasy about it, needs to study more and discover X. Um. Great. Still need to know HOW it happens.

So, yeah, still working on the action in the WIP.


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