Pleased to Meet You, I’m…

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Hello, My Name Is… by Alan O’Rourke CC 3.0


I’ve started playing with the pages on this blog. Previously, I had “Cam’s Writing Bio” which was more of a writing resume than a bio. Now it’s more accurately titled “My Writing.” I’ve also linked to more of my work on there, so take a look!

When I got rid of the inaccurately named bio page, I knew that, eventually, I’d need to come up with a real bio page. BUT the fake bio page was in place for so long precisely because I don’t want to write my own bio. I even cheated on the bio on my Twitter account: writer and soccer fan.

When Transplant was published (my first piece in print!), the magazine asked for my bio. I naively thought they would do that. A wise friend told me make it quirky and fun. I tried to be funny, but then felt it needed back story. As with all thing that get info dumped, it turned out badly:

Cameron Robbins writes ad copy for Walgreen Co. She is still adjusting to the advertisers’ seasons of Christmas in July. She lives in Chicago, surrounded by the flat plains of Illinois. Her car-less existence forces her to travel home by plane and, thus, miss those beautiful Kentucky hills.

I really thought that Christmas in July thing was funny…so maybe my problem wasn’t really an info dump. It was actually lack of humor. At least the second half of the bio makes sense in the context of the piece, a creative non-fiction essay.

For the blog, I need a bio that’s not so story-dependent, so I can’t just rip that one. Can’t steal the Twitter one either because I probably need a bit more bulk.

What do you think makes a good blog bio? What do you want to know about the bloggers you read? How many crazy cats they have? Their outside-the-blog interests? Favorite colors?


3 thoughts on “Pleased to Meet You, I’m…

  1. I change my bio all the time. Not the facts, but I just choose different ones to share. Except on my blog. It’s been in place pretty much since Day One with just tweaks here and there.

  2. I recently changed mine. I think it basically depends on your need/reasons to blog. Bio helps the reader to connect to the blog as a person, it seems more human and something one can relate to as his/her own.


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