So, I’ve started (rather, resurrected) on another short story rather than dive into the WIP…the one that I’m plotting out scene-by-scene on cards. I’m really resisting it.

I’d like to think that it’s my lack of main character names rather than paralyzing fear.

I have gone through my stack of scenes, figured out how it works together. I am (or will be or should be) following two characters whose stories intertwine. I’ve tried this style of story before will less than stellar results. That may be part of my trepidation. However, I have found that will the card approach, it’s much easier to toss a scene. I can just tear up a card if doesn’t really fit than it is to move an entire blood, sweat and tears soaked scene to the “deleted scenes” document.

OK, that’s not entirely true. The first couple scenes I needed to tear up first got moved to the Do Not Use pile. Then I got braver and crossed out the tossed and used the blank backs to write better scenes (but still having the cross-outs just in case). Now that I’m at the I-can-toss-this-out-without-rending-garments stage, I blame my not diving in to the lack of names for my main characters. Still. Why won’t they just let me name them?

I keep trying to name the female protag Ashleigh, but it just looks so wrong, that I can’t type anything else. So I’m back to the drawing board.


The cards have been helpful in other ways. I’ve been able to course correct a couple of times without having to delete pages of work…I just toss a couple of cards. It’s much less painful and makes it easier to let go of an idea.


8 thoughts on “Stalling

  1. I’ve done that avoidance thing before.

    Don’t throw away or tear up the cards/paper you want to “delete.” Even if you won’t use them for the novel, you might use them somewhere else.

  2. Totally agree with beccakinia. One day you may need them! Also, if your character is telling you what their name should be – listen 🙂 Best of luck with your story

  3. Ah! the sweet pain of being a writer. I love the agony one lives through, while creating a story/novel/book. The excitement, the thrill and the burden of responsibility, for bring the story to an agreeable end. You are a lucky sort, I wish you all the best. Card technique sounds interesting, I will give it a try.


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