Kicking Writer’s Block


How do you deal with writer’s block? Ask 50 writers, you’ll get 50 solutions.

Earlier, I mentioned that when I wrote ad copy for my first job, I’d take a bathroom break to jump-start my creativity.

For Christmas, my mom gave me a note-book with Diva written in sparkles on the cover. She thought it would help if I ever got writer’s block. I have to admit, it doesn’t hurt.

Diva is in purple writing within a green oval, surrounded by blue notebook cover. A yellow star dots the i.

A few weeks ago, I found another way at The Write Practice. The more in your writing arsenal the better, right? So, give the Pixar Way a try.

The basic idea is look at the point where you’re stuck and figure out all the things that wouldn’t happen to move the story forward.

On the train this morning, I was trying to figure out what happened next in my short story. My main character needed money and I needed to introduce another character. The obvious choice was to have MC as AC for the money…and that’s what I started writing. And it was boring. So I switched it; she didn’t ask for the money.

OK, so that’s not exactly a thrilling story about how the Pixar Way heroically swept in to save my short story. But the point is that I needed to look beyond the obvious. What better way to look beyond the obvious right thing to do than create a list of all the things that wouldn’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t happen?


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