WIP It, WIP It Real Good


Between staring at the index cards for my WIP, starting another short story and watching the Olympics as name research, some of you might be thinking that I’m a big ol’ ball of procrastination. Well, yes. And no.

I admit that I am not focusing on the cards as much as I should. And I probably whine about them more than I should. But something about my WIP story doesn’t feel right. The story isn’t quite there. Not enough is at stake. Even though the point of the cards was to write scenes, I ended up writing emotions not action. I know the inner turmoil of my characters very well, but there isn’t a lot of exterior pressure on them.

I’m glad I learned this now. Thinking about the story, in my head, it seemed like more than enough for a book. However, writing it out on the cards (or rather what I didn’t write on the cards) showed that there simply wasn’t enough at stake.

So now I am focusing on upping the stakes, taking my characters out of their heads and applying some outside pressure.


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