View of dozens of hot air balloons in the air, taken from amidst dozens of balloons on the ground

At the Balloon Fiesta

I know bald-faced procrastination when I see it.

I have two writing groups next week and I need to get my short story in better shape, so when my friend told me that her 5-year-old still remembered me from a trip to the balloon fiesta TWO years ago, I knew that I had to write a balloon story for him. How could I not?

What do I know about hot air balloons? Not much. What do I know about writing for kids? Even less. Hello, Wikipedia and Cat in the Hat.

Also, you know that Matrix trick where you can download a talent? I’ll need that for illustrating if you don’t mind.


7 thoughts on “Derailed

  1. bethfinke

    Good news: you don’t have to illustrate your own children’s book. In fact, many agents and publishers regard submissions that come with illustrations as unprofessional – the publishers like to be the ones to choose the illustrator. So never mind about downloading a new talent, stick to the one you already have: writing!

    • Oh, I wasn’t planning on publication. Just jotting down a story over the weekend and sending it off to my friend.

      If publishers work that fast (or illustrators for that matter), that would be fantastic.

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