Why Bother?

Close up of a megaphone. Red on the inside, black on the outside

Megaphone by floeschie CC 3.0 flickr.com/photos/floeschie/4345518893

For work, I’m signed up for a lot of email about marketing. A lot. There are days that I just go through my inbox and if the name on the from line isn’t someone I know personally, it gets deleted.

I wish I’d done that today.

Marketers are, of course, always telling you how EASY and AMAZING and AMAZINGLY EASY their methods are. I know it’s hype. I generally don’t get sucked in since I read everything with a cynical eye. If I know it’s hype, I shouldn’t get pissed off either, right?

What am I railing about?

A friend of ours […] is launching a new book on Amazon Kindle and he’s going to do it live and let you see how he promotes it, gives it away and eventually sells it! The funny thing is, he doesn’t have a title or a topic yet……

His goal is 10,000 downloads and 500 real sales within the first

The email goes on to say how you, yes you have the opportunity to witness the entire thing live and, of course, get your own spectacular marketing ideas from this guy’s launch.

I know it’s going to be a marketing book rather than a real book (how bitter did that make me sound?). I know it will contain hackneyed ideas viewed at through what I am sure is a new and exciting lens (how jaded did that make me sound?).

No time frame is given in the email and I did not to click through for any more information.

So, this guys wants to sell 15,000 books, but he doesn’t know what he’s going to write about? Eh, writing ain’t hard, why would he have to think about it? Or polish it? Or edit? Or…

What am doing, thinking that writing is work that requires some skill?

I’m sure if he vomits on the page, it’ll be great.


6 thoughts on “Why Bother?

  1. GreedyFrog

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, as a reader there is absolutely no way I would part with any of my hard-earned cash to purchase such a book.
    I wouldn’t even borrow it for free from the library.
    Because life is too short to read drivel, even commercially successful drivel (50 Shades of Shite, anyone?)
    Just take a deep breath and continue doing what you do best: being a real writer. Who knows, you may even end up basing a character on him some day…

    • Marie

      Whoa, whoa, Whoa! Say what you want aboutpolitical figures, but dismissing fine authors like Jerry Seinfeld? Those are fighting words.

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