Minty Fresh Books

Close-up of coil binding

THE @ BOOK – BINDING by patrik sneyd I photos CC 3.0

So my latest distraction went well. I not only finished the book (and magnanimously allowed my friend’s son to illustrate it himself), but also the binding.

If my friend ever notices that the book smells a little minty, I might have to admit that I bound it with dental floss.

Most of the bookbinding YouTube videos I watched classes I took said you needed to wax the binding thread so that you won’t tear the paper. alyiswriting has a nifty dental floss trick in this “Bookbinding for Beginners” video.

But I really love the artistry that comes out of the more meticulous technique shown in this Italian video on hand sewn binding. It really is an art unto itself. No wonder books used to be so expensive…mini works of art.

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