Alphabet Soup…Again


Earlier this year, I was searching for tertiary character names but kept bumping into the same letters: J and B.

Five months later, three stories later, and I’m still stuck on letters. This time, though, I keep finding M names: Marjorie, Margaret, Martin, Mary…in fact, I think I have a Martin in each of my most recent short stories. I keep typing Marjorie instead of Margaret. So, not only can I not find non-M names, I can’t find new M names.

Arg, it’s so frustrating to be stuck in this name loop!


4 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup…Again

  1. bethfinke

    I’m assuming you took my advice and named one of your characters Usain, right? The Paralympics are going on in London right now. Here are some names you could use from the opening ceremonies:
    Stephen (as in Hawkings, he was the narrator)
    Dave (Rawlins, he flew the flyover plane, his right leg was shattered on operations in Afghanistan)
    Joe (Townsend, he used a zipline to bring the torch in, a Royal Marine and double amputee from wounds while serving in Afghanistan)
    Margaret (Maughan, The 84-year-old was Britain’s first gold medallist at the inaugural Paralympic Games in 1960). She used the torch to light the olympic cauldron, and both her names conveniently start wwith an “M”;
    Nicola (Miles-Wildin, a British radio actress who walks with a cane as a result of juvenile chronic arthritis). She’s famous for playing a role from The Tempest, and as a bonus that character starts with, guess what? The letter “m”: Miranda.
    Let the games begin – good luck with the names!

    • Of course I did. The ’50s family I’m writing about have children named John Jr., Cindy Lou Who and little Usain.

      See, the problem is that list you gave me…I immediately gravitated to Maughan and Miranda. Ah!

    • No shooting…I welcome all ideas. And it’s not a bad one. I may be the only author who doesn’t have a physical baby name book. I do, however, check the baby name websites a lot. I just need to force myself to not like M names.

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