Shelf O’ Books



Blurry picture of a three shelf bookshelf. Books are two deep with some books laying flat on top.

My bookshelf — two books deep

The Intern (aka Real Actual Hilary) blog posted her bookshelf and asked that her readers to the same. She mentioned thinking about straightening,cleaning and editing her shelf before snapping the pic, but deciding to leave it as is. All I could think of was “wow, her shelf looks so straight!”

I only shot one of my shelves, deciding that the random piles don’t really count and that I didn’t want to showcase some of the shelves that also housed an old VCR (yes, you read that right). But I was THRILLED to see how others’ shelves were piled high. Take a look at the comment section for links to more pictures of bookshelves…is there such a thing as bookshelf porn?

Sorry for the blur.


6 thoughts on “Shelf O’ Books

  1. I have shelf-envy. 😦 I’ve been living in boarding houses and dorms for the last 11 years so my books are in boxes or garbage bags… or used to prop other objects in the room. Haha
    Whenever I see someone’s bookshelf I want to be rich… so I can buy a house where I have my own room WHERE I have my own shelf. 😀

    (Don’t think I didn’t notice that tin of cookies hiding in the bottom shelf!)

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