Get Out Your Red Pens


As you know, I’m participating in the GUTGAA blog hop and pitch frenzy.

I was lucky enough to be Pitch Polish #81. And so the random Monday post! Huzzah! Head on over and check out my query letter…do your worst. Read a few of the other pitches while you’re there and lend your worthy two cents.

You’ll notice that I put the genre down as New Adult. I’ve wrung my hands on this blog before about going with women’s fiction over book club fiction over mainstream fiction over… I didn’t just throw a dart and land on a random words. New Adult is a niche so new that you can’t find it in books stores yet, but it does legitimately exist. The protagonists are in their 20s (check) and still figuring out life (check). Julia may not live here forever, but I thought it was certainly wroth a try.


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