You Know You’re A Writer When: Crime

Black and white close up of a man pulling down a ski mask with bth hands. He's stretching the mouth hole.

4 CU by Davy G. CC 3.0

Over the weekend, my friend told me about a scary situation that happened at her work (luckily she wasn’t there at the time). She works in a doctor’s office that has a pharmacy in the building. After hours, her boss heard a noise in the pharmacy and opened the now unlocked door to find the lights off and someone with a flashlight inside. She flipped on the lights and a man in a ski mask rushed past her and locked himself in the bathroom.

No one was hurt. The cops came quickly and arrested the guy. Back at the station, he confessed just as quickly.

However, while he was still hiding in the bathroom, he tried to flush the stolen pills and his ski mask down the toilet…resulting in a terrible mess. Through most of this story, my mouth was gaping (stories like this never happen to people you know), but as soon as my friend mentioned flushing his ski mask this popped out of my mouth: obviously, you put the ski mask above a tile in the ceiling.

My friend just shook her head. “That’s right, you’re a writer.”


9 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Writer When: Crime

  1. Kim

    Shouldn’t you run out the back door still wearing your ski mask? What idiot locks himself in the bathroom? Reminds me of the screaming women being chased in movie buildings who dash UP the stairs without a helicopter waiting on the roof. Glad nobody got hurt.

    • Kim

      Yes, criminals are mostly stupid. In the small southern town where I grew up, the cops found a bunch of marijuana plants in flower pots out “sunning” on a neighborhood sidewalk. They confiscated them but didn’t know who owned them. As a joke, they advertised in the hometown newspaper. The idiot pot grower answered the ad, showed up to claim his plants and was arrested. You can’t make this stuff up!

  2. Kim

    Hey, believe it (or not), it’s all yours to use in your fiction (or not). My gift to Empty Pen for keeping me entertained. I enjoy your blog. Thank you!

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