Podcasts are Golden

Black and white photo of police oficers standing next to two 1920-era cars and three officers on motorcycles. All are in front of what looks like a grand building that reminds me of an old university building.

Police 1920 by Eridony CC 3.0 flickr.com/photos/eridony/373791393

I prefer to write in silence. I can actually go days without hearing music and not even realize it…I know this puts me in the minority.

However, when I’m on my commute or when I’m on the stationary bike (which is less often than it should be), I like to have some distraction. I tried music and that was OK, but I found that podcasts made the minutes fly even faster. I shouldn’t be surprised. They usually have engaging stories to share.

The podcasts I like the most are: Nerdist and This American Life (both on iTunes).

Most recently, I listened to TAL’s The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar. Fascinating. It deals with a woman digging into her family’s past with mixed results. That “plot” reminded me a bit of Julia and I was curious about the family’s reaction once the truth was uncovered. It also made me think about fallout, both fictional and real.

My family doesn’t have a secret or legend that’s anywhere near the Dunbars, but we do have those stories that make me want to do a little digging. It turns out, I’m too lazy for actual genealogical research and, as we’ve already established, my leaps of assumption are dark. I love the seedy underbelly of the whispered family tales. Others, I think are more upset or don’t want to think about it. Kind of like some of the reactions in the TAL podcast. For my family, I kind of understand. These stories are about their parents. Someone very close to them. However, once you get to grandparents or great-grandparents, why is that desire to only see good or to protect them so strong? Am I cold-hearted for asking?

I loved my grandparents, and I don’t see these stories as tarnishing them…they make them seem stronger, more human, and more exciting.

Do you have family tales that would make good stories…and would you be willing to tell them?


One thought on “Podcasts are Golden

  1. I already am telling them! Even the embarrassing ones. Especially the embarrassing ones. 🙂

    A lot of good stories can be found in everyday family life. As long as you tell it well, people will laugh, cry, gnash their teeth, and basically sympathize with you.

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