Banned Books Week Reading Choice


Today kicks off banned books week and I will be reading Beloved by Toni Morrison. I have never read Morrison and feel that is a large hole in my reading repertoire.

As I was walking out of the aisle of M authors at the library, I saw this book:

Bood Cover: water color of a bulter-looking man and a photo of a wedge of blue cheese. The title of the book is written to look like a scent mark that wafts to the bulter's nose.

Edward Trencom’s Nose by Giles Milton

Dark intrigue AND cheese? Yes, please! Plus there’s a picture of blue cheese, which I love, on the cover. Yum.

The title made me pull the book off the shelf; the picture of the cheese wedge made me read tag line; and that’s what made me check it out.

I’d like to think I was more discriminating choosing what I read, but sometimes it does just come down to that. Who knows, yesterday or tomorrow I wouldn’t have been intrigued by the title Edward Trencom’s Nose, but today I was. It makes me wonder how many good books I’m passing up…and how to capitalize on the whims of the reader with just a title and cover to entice them.


6 thoughts on “Banned Books Week Reading Choice

      • Kim

        The name’s derived from English fox hunting. Cheese is a great hors d’oeuvre for post-hunting tailgating. It patiently waits for hungry hunters to arrive from the chase. I know the origin ’cause I hunt– actually we chase, NOT foxes but coyotes. Glad to know someone else shares my love for this strong but delicious cheese.

        • Post-hunt tailgating…love the phrase but I never thought of fox hunters as tailgaters. The red coats and black hat wearers always struck me as quiet and prim, whereas tailergaters conjure images of bare-chested men with letters painted on their chests.

      • Kim

        The post-hunt tailgate parties are fun. Most are held outdoors or in somebody’s barn. We’re all filthy after three hours of riding horses. Chests aren’t (usually) bared. Nobody paints their faces except inadvertently with mud. The best part is the fellowship. Sometimes there’s music! Being in Nashville, there’s always a musician/ singer/songwriter in our midst. Guitars get pulled from back seats. The post exercise endorphin high, food, wine, music, friends, and horses = HEAVEN!

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