Reading/Writing Update


Sorry all, no real post tonight. It’s been, uh, a little busy at the 9-5 and my brain is not firing on all cylinders by the time I get home. Terrible excuse, I know.

I’ve gotten behind on my personal Goodreads challenge: read 50 books in 2012. While I’ve read 35 books, my current reading pace puts me 3 books behind where I should be. I am reading Beloved, but I didn’t finish it during Banned Books Week, which was my initial goal.

I have three stories swimming around my head, each at a different level of completed-ness. One is just an idea knocking around, another is in planning stages, and the third is partially written and staring at me, begging me to finish. Unfortunately, my motivation to work on them has taken a nose dive…seems to be in direct correlation to the number of cylinders working in my brain.

I know that real authors have deadlines that make this kind of thing a non-issue. They power through. They make it work. They don’t give up just because they had a bad day.

So, this weekend, I’m on it. I’m reading and writing. I’m getting back in gear.


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