Ideas and Organization and Edits, Oh My!


So, I was quiet on Thursday. The 9-5 is becoming the 9-6 and the 9-7. That’s still a bad excuse for skipping my writing (blog or current projects), but I do have a good excuse: I was also prepping for an exciting event on Friday.

One of my high school friends is now a special education teacher. Her 5th graders were feeling down and out about their writing, and she wanted them to talk to a real writer about editing. For some reason, they talked to me.

My friend sent me the kids’ questions ahead of time. In class, they’re learning about how to come up with ideas, how to organize those ideas, how to choose “sparkle” words, how to (and why you’d) change up your sentences, and what is voice.

They had great questions. In fact, the questions about how I came up with ideas had the same flavor as questions beginning writers ask on Twitter, blogs and other forums.

Lined notebook paper with writing and mark ups. Photo has a blue tint to it.

My Edits

One of the students asked why I used so many exclamation marks in the piece that I sent them as an example of writing (so they could see the end result and I could show them the early, marked up drafts). I was a little horrified that I used so many exclamation marks. For some reason, my first drafts are plagued by !!!!, so I always make a concerted effort to cut them out.

I had fun and I think the kids learned something…although, I’m pretty sure that I played second fiddle to the wonder that is Skype and being able to put bunny ears on your classmates.

If you’re interested in what it’s like to be a first-year teacher, check out Ms. C’s blog.


4 thoughts on “Ideas and Organization and Edits, Oh My!

  1. I’m really glad you had fun, because we had a lot of fun too! (Not to mention, you helped me get a Teacher-Gold-Star from my principal for Using Technology in the Classroom. 😉 )

    Seriously, I know I’ve said it in several other venues, but on your own blog I want to say I really appreciate your time and willingness to help me with my students. You, my dear, are a good friend. 🙂

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