50 Books in a Year — Update


Way back in January, I used Goodreads to set a reading challenge for myself.

I’m 3 books behind. That’s what I get for being cocky in the middle of the summer (oh, 2 books ahead, what happened to you?). BUT that’s still 37 books read. I looked at my reading list and it’s quite eclectic: nonfiction about serial killers to YA about dragons to a memoir heavily influenced by taxidermy to classic lit.

What have I read lately?

For Banned Book Week, I picked up Beloved. It took me two weeks to read it. I enjoyed it, but it was a difficult read, both because I wasn’t used to the style and because of the subject matter.

From there I jumped to Edward Trencom’s Nose. Wow, completely different. Light hearted writing with bizarre death scenes and all sorts of cheeses I haven’t tried. If you like descriptions of cheeses, check it out.

Now, I just started book 38: Casual Vacancy. 40 pages in and nary a wizard in sight, but I’m enjoying it. I’ve always liked JK Rowling’s writing style.

What have you read this year?

And what should make my final 12 reading list?


4 thoughts on “50 Books in a Year — Update

  1. bethfinke

    Without knowing all the books you’ve already read in life, I’m not sure what to suggest for your “must read” list. Considering your goal for this year, though, I’d suggest a novella or two. And hey, I *love* cheese. Will download Edward Trencom’s book, thanks for the recommendation.

    • It certainly is fitting. I have Read “The Eyre Affair” and really enjoyed it. I especially liked the randomly-placed machines that would spout Shakespeare and poetry.

      That’s one of those books that I enjoyed but never got around to reading the others…thanks for reminding me!

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