Sandy Made Me Do It


I suppose I should thank superstorm Sandy..I finished three books during my extended vacation to Maine. I was hoping for two but woo-hoo for airport closures?

I did, of course, check my comments. But since I was all coy and didn’t answer, it was like I had actually cut myself off from the Internet, right?

I am now only one book behind in my Goodreads challenge. I could have cut that down to being right on schedule, but the book I grabbed for the plane was atrocious. I read the prologue (which I hate in general…if you have something to tell me, work it into the story) and declared to my husband that it was two pages that I’d never get back. OK, two pages, not a big deal, but I learned nothing that couldn’t have been parceled out later, nothing that seemed remotely relevant, nothing that I didn’t know from reading the tagline on the front of the book. We were sitting on the runway, waiting, so I decided to give chapter 1 a shot. Worst dialogue ever. Ever!

Here is a narrative paragraph detailing X, Y and Z information. The phone then rings and character A pushes herself up from the table so that she is standing on two feet and then she walks over to the telephone which happens to be sitting on a table across the room. She answers it.

“I know X and Y, so I am calling you to learn Z.” Character B is on the phone.

“I know X and Y, too. Here is the information for Z.” Character A says.

“Ah, Z. That is good to know. I will speak with you later when we meet in person,” says Character B.

“Yes, when we see each other face-to-face we will speak again.”

I barely made it through the five pages to chapter two before shoving the book in the barf bag.

I won’t name that book, but here’s what else I read:

The Casual Vacancy – JK Rowling is a captivating writer. Looking for wizards? You’re out of luck. Want a happy Harry Potter type ending, not so much. Would this book have sold as much is she hadn’t written Harry Potter first? I doubt it. It would be a critically acclaimed book, but I don’t think as many people would have picked it up. The characters were all incredibly real and I’m still thinking about them…horrible flaws and all.

The Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters – I grabbed this next because I wanted a quick, light read. It was a good beach/stuck in a cabin read.

Domestic Violets – recommended because it’s about a writer. The scenes where the narrator is working as a copywriter at a soul-less company hit a little too close to home. My aunt recommended it as funny…I wanted to cry during those scenes. OK, so maybe “little too close” isn’t quite right. It was light and fun in style. It balanced the dream of the rock star writer with the horrors of soul-sucking copy work.

Anyone else have any Sandy (or non-Sandy) related reading marathons?


8 thoughts on “Sandy Made Me Do It

  1. I shall add these 3 books to my to read list.
    I am really, really intrigued about the book-that-shall-not-be-named though. Is there any chance you could give us a clue? 🙂

    • I bought it at a drug store, so I didn’t expect much. It’s paperback and the cover celebrates the author as a bestselling author. However, I had never heard of the book and wasn’t sure if I’d heard of the author or not.

  2. bethfinke

    I’m not into wizards and often find happy endings unbelievable. I didn’t read any of the Harry Potter books, but maybe I’ll give this new JK Rowling one a read – thanks for the recommendation.

    • I wouldn’t have thought I was into wizards either. My roommate at the time forced me to read the first HP by reading it out loud to me. I was surprised how into it I was. Her writing is really engaging and her characters are three dimensional…you may even like the wizardy books.

  3. I share your frustration with books (like the unnamed one above) that waste your time. I used to keep reading because if someone published it, it must be good–right?

    Uh, no.

    Now I do like you did–read a bit, decide if it’s for me, then ditch it if it’s not.

    At least you had other books with you on vacation! 😉

  4. Kim

    I hated that unnamed book. It’s a sign of becoming older and wiser when you refuse to let a book, author or publisher waste your precious reading time!

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