Bad Month, Bad


So, it’s been a bad month for writing. Got nada done on my blog (obviously) and nothing on my stories. It wasn’t fear of the blank page. It was fear of being bad. I couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t immediately called stupid by my inner editor and I just didn’t have the energy to fight her.

After listening to my inner editor all month, I finally pushed through and send a few pages to one of my writers’ groups. I didn’t like what I wrote, but I sent it anyway – thank goodness for deadlines. And you know what? The world didn’t end. My writer friends didn’t disown me…in fact, there were parts that they liked.

That was earlier this week and last night and this morning on the commute, what I had been struggling with all started falling into place. Not perfect-I’m-done-and-everything-is-polished place, but definitely getting there.

I don’t know what lesson to take away: write every day even if you think it’s stupid or it’s OK to take a break…as long as you come back.

7 thoughts on “Bad Month, Bad

  1. Yes, write everyday even when you think it’s stupid or not good. That’s one of the things about nanowrimo, it makes you write even when the words or creativity isn’t all there. I just finished what I was working on for nanowrimo and I think some parts a great and other parts I’ll probably burn before I let anyone else see them 🙂

  2. I can definitely relate to that. But when I saw your post, I figured I would share something that’s really helped me- Liz Gilbert did a Ted Talk on creativity and it’s absolutely fantastic. Very helpful in shifting how we think about writing. I put the link below it you’re interested. Also, reading Ann Lamott’s Bird by Bird is always motivating for me. She talks a lot about struggle and her advice is to just write something, and to take it little by little. Or, bird by bird.

    I hope you find these words as encouraging as I have!

  3. Linda Miller

    Had a great revision day yesterday on the story I shared, so the inspiration is mutual! In my experience talking about work, getting feedback, and even just commiserating is helpful. And blank days are allowed…just not too many in a row.

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