Saved By YouTube: A Minor Miracle

Head and top torso of plaster cast of person from Pompeii. Facial expression of surprise and pain. An arm thrown over their face as if to protect themselves.

Pompeii, Italy by S J Pinkney

I credit my writing group and the fact that I just put something on paper for helping me get back on the writing wagon. However, I would also like to thank YouTube. Usually a black hole filled with LBD, Teens React, The Guild and other labyrinths, YouTube also served up a 1960’s Army training video for how to apply a plaster cast.

One of the scenes I was struggling with just happened to be a ’50s doctor applying a plaster cast. I rewrote the scene several times and just guessed at how things would work…everything from no ambulance to no insurance. I imagined that the way doctors made a cast was similar to how I made paper mache in 5th grade, only instead of newspaper and goop, they used gauze and goop.

Um, I was a little wrong about that and while it was only a minor adjustment to make, knowing how it really worked got me excited and back on track.

I would link to the video for you, but I can’t find it again…it’s like the clouds parted, this video fell into my laptop when I needed it and then disappeared. Either a Mission Impossible self-destruct moment or a little writing miracle.

Have any of you ever had your own writing miracle? ‘Tis the season!


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