Christmas Coffee and the Stories that Stick with Us

black coffee cup and saucer. Foam on the coffee has 1882 sprinkled with chocolate dust on top.

Coffee in London

As part of my 9-5 job, I read a lot about what’s going on the marketing realm. Today, I read an article critiquing the new KFC commercials. Basically, the author said that you either like fast food or you don’t, so these new commercials weren’t going to sway you. Once you get to a certain age, I agree. However, I think the basic story will stick with people who are younger than the demographic they’re trying to reach (today). Why?

Maybe it was the holiday-ness of the ad, but it reminded me of an old Folger’s ad where the son comes home from college and surprises his family. I don’t drink Folger’s today so, in the strictest sense, this commercial didn’t work. BUT, over two decades later, I remember the story and that it was Folger’s. In fact, when I was a few years out of college, living and working a plane ride from my parents, I decided to pull a Peter. I told my mom that I wouldn’t be home for Christmas because I had to work (entirely plausible since it happened the year before), but then showed up as a surprise. My mom was simultaneously thrilled that I was home and mad that I said I couldn’t be home. The side effect that the Folger’s commercial never got into was that once you pull that kind of surprise, your mom never quite believes you when you say you can’t (no really, I can’t) make it home for Christmas.

Isn’t it weird which stories stay with us?


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