Writer’s High


When people tell you to exercise, they often talk about how you’ll feel better about yourself afterwards. It’s true…you generally do. There’s the rush of endorphins and the pride of sore muscles.

But what makes me prouder than a runner’s high, is the writer’s high. After struggling with a particular scene for about a month, I finally got it right last night. I did a little dance in my chair, patted myself on the back and reread it. Yup. That was exactly what needed to happen. I didn’t just feel proud; after days of walking away from the keyboard feeling aggravated and unsettled, I felt calm and almost peaceful.

I jumped to another piece that had been giving me problems and *bam* suddenly I knew how to solve it. Talk about floating on endorphins!


3 thoughts on “Writer’s High

  1. When I get stuck it’s usually on a single paragraph that’s not working. I’ll tweak it a hundred ways, move things around, rewrite it 27 times, and then, when I lose all patience, I cut it altogether. Then I realize I didn’t need it in the first place. But I always need to relearn that same lesson.

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