eReaders and Compulsive Shopping


Last month, I received an ereader as an early Christmas present. I had been on the fence for a while, but finally decided that getting an ereader for convenience didn’t mean I was a traitor to books everywhere. And after a pretty crappy day at work, my husband surprised me with an early present!

Since then, I have read five electronic books and two real books (and am in the middle of two more). I  really like the ereader. It’s light and easy to take on the train (so I immediately bought a cover that looks like a book and triples the weight…but is awesome). It’s great for road trips that stretch into night (while I’m *not* driving).

The downside I’ve noticed is my compulsion to shop. Put me in a bookstore and I can’t come out empty-handed. Coming out with one is a blue moon occurrence. But, when I finish a physical book, I’m finished. I close the book, put it away and that’s that. Yes, sometimes I pine over it being over. Sometimes I complain about the ending. Sometimes I hunt for the next in the series. But the book is over. I may pick up another right away, I may not.

With the ereader, I feel that I’m wasting it if I don’t have a new book on it that I am reading right now. It sat unused for a week and it kept staring at me from its perch on the table…I felt guilty, anxious even, because I wasn’t using it. This may be more destructive to  my wallet than a trip to a bookstore.


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