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After my last post, Beth asked if I’d read anything good. Some stuff.

I won a contest that I’d forgotten I’d even entered. The prize included two YA ebooks. They were…well, I think I would have really liked them when I was YA myself. As an adult, I was pretty harsh on them. I actually won them before I even got the ereader, so when I was looking to test out my new toy there they were. They were quick reads and I needed to catch up on my GoodReads Challenge.

As part of this forgotten contest…OK it wasn’t really forgotten, there were just so many things involved in this contest that I didn’t think about the book prize part of it. How is that possible? Well, the contest is Gearing Up to Get an Agent Blogfest/Pitch Contest (affectionately GUTGAA for short). I was in it for the query/pitch part. The physical prize part of it didn’t even register. The contest runs in October, but things gear up in September…so mark your 2013 calendars!

So, as part of this contest, I also won physical YA books, two of a trilogy: Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince. They are paranormal adventures in Victorian London that flirt with but never consummate with steampunk. But really, it’s all about the romance. These I liked better and actually looked up the third book. It’s not available until next March, so I bought the e-version of another book from the author….different series but same world. Didn’t like it nearly as much. At this point, I’m wondering if my head is just not liking things that are in e-ink because they’re in e-ink.

This is when I put the ereader down for a week or so only to have it glare at me accusingly across the room. So, I buy The Bloodletter’s Daughter. It’s a historical fiction that takes place during the Hapsburg Empire. Insane princes, emerging medicine, battle between science and religion. It was one of those books that I knew could not have a happy ending, but kept reading anyway because I wanted to be proven wrong. I liked reading the historical bits but, as with many of these historical books with strong female protagonists, I wonder how much was softened to make it palatable for modern readers or for the protagonist to be able to do what she did. It’s not a light read by any means, but the writing is easy to read…not too dense or literary. If you like historical fiction, give it a try.

Any end of the year recommendations from you guys?


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