Approaching 50

Books stacked to resemble a Christmas tree

Book Tower by cogdogblog CC 3.0

I have one more book to read in my GoodReads Challenge…and one more week to complete it. I’m right on course, but I’m wondering what should my last book be. Something that I can finish quickly – a down and dirty, just get it down, NaNo-tactic book? Or something “worthy” to end the year on?

Perhaps I’ll wait until Christmas to see what offerings (if any) have been left under the tree.

Either way, I think I’ll do the challenge again, but I’ll pare down my goal. I’ve accomplished almost a book a week and I am proud of that. Having a goal forced me to pick up a book even if I was feeling sluggish…and I’m glad I did. I discovered new books and writers, and helped me in my writing. However, I continued reading many books that I should have put down just so that I could claim them on my tally. Not really how I wanted to win my challenge. (imagine, if I’d forced myself through this, I would be doing a victory dance tonight).

I’m thinking of aiming for 30 next year. Still a lot of books, but that should give me leeway to walk away.

What did you learn from your reading adventures this year?


4 thoughts on “Approaching 50

  1. Kim

    You only have one more book to read and unfortunately it’s down near the bottom of that spectacular book-tower Christmas tree. Good luck pulling it out without toppling the “tree” and Merry Christmas.

  2. bethfinke

    Congrats on your achievement, Empty Pen!
    The books I enjoyed this year confirmed that my favorite books are always the ones that excel in character development. My two faves from 2012: The Art of Fielding by Chad Harboch and Heft by Liz Moore. Both books are long –I don’t recommend them for book #50 for you!

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