Future Tense


This Charlie Rose interview discusses the future of books and, by association, the future of publishing. It’s long, but a god discussion and I encourage you to watch the whole thing.

What I wished they had delved into further was the future of the author. At one point, Jane Friedman said that this was the time of the author because they could publish themselves.

But what does that really mean? Yes, I can publish myself, but the editing, design and marketing then fall to me as well. So, is this really the age of the author as entrepreneur? For me, that’s what is scary about the e-revolution. Not that traditional publishing houses ever offered a safety net, but there were people who, supposedly, knew what they were doing that could guide you through the process. Getting my work to a place where I’m comfortable showing it to the wide world takes on a new level of anxiety when the wide world doesn’t mean agents but actually the wide world.


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