For the past few months, I have put my novel WIPs on hold to focus on a short story with an elusive ending (I will find you!). My WIPS had all but disappeared from my mind until I started having difficulty with the SS…of course.

But then I had this flash of brilliance. What if I wrote my WIP backwards – write the scenes in the reverse order they happened, not write a book which the reader reads from end to beginning. Part of the reason I had put the WIP away was that I was having difficulty with the progression of an MC’s story line. I knew the opening, I knew the ending…that tricky middle had me again. So, it occurred to me that if I wrote the scenes in reverse order, I might be able to better understand the progression.

After thinking about this for another day or so, it seemed like a rather silly and impossible idea. I tend to write linearly now. When I was in high school, I was able to bounce all over my timeline. I wonder where and how (and why) I lost that flexibility.

Have any of you tried writing back to front? Does it work?


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