The Voice: A Search to Find the Writer Idol with that X Factor

Microphone in holder. The background looks like a gymnasium floor.

The Magic Wand by miggslives CC 3.0

Celebs are dancing and diving on TV to keep themselves top of mind. Us mere mortals are singing and dancing for a chance at public fame and potential wealth.

Obviously these shows revolve around performance art and I can’t blame them. A slam poetry night isn’t likely to make scintillating TV.

But I wonder, what would a writing competition like that look like? I assume flash fiction would rule the day…or maybe poetry would make a come back. No 400 page novel is going to make it through the first round.

Would the competition be performance-based, reading mic-like, or does everyone goes home with copy to read that night? Would we see poems printed on scented, pink paper, a la Elle Woods’ resume from Legally Blonde, in order to stand out? Or would authors team up with (or be paired with) an actor to read aloud for the judges…dramatic interpretations of new works?

Or, when you take away the flashing lights and cool intro music, are you left with self-publishing? Simon and Paula (old references, I know, but I haven’t watched in a while) replaced by the trolls and paid reviews?

Instead of having the auditions at the beginning of the season and the cream rising to the top throughout a season, we’re watching the season on shuffle. Some gems, a lot of dredge.

What’s your perfect writing talent showcase look like? I don’t mean the Nobel or Pushcart prizes. I mean a big showcase that gets the general public excited about new writing talents: people taking sides or taking to Twitter to declare their devotion contestant A.


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