Sorry All, A Black Hole Ate My Creativity

Photo taken from space. Pitch black background, a zillion points of light of varying sizes. An oblong, orange gas cloud in the center of the frame. In the middle of the gas cloud, at a portion that looks almost like a waist, is a swirl somewhat like a twister if twisters were uniform in shape and didn't funnel.

Best-Ever Snapshot of a Black Hole’s Jets by NASA Goddard Photo and Video CC 3.0

I think the title sums it up pretty well.

Obviously, I haven’t blogged lately and I wish I could offer a decent explanation. I can’t. I haven’t gotten any reading or writing done in the past few weeks. And, as I’ve seen in the past, no creative writing leads to no blog writing. I creatively flat-lined.

However, today I taped myself to the chair and was able to bang out an ending to my most recent short story…so happy! We’ll see if it’s still brilliant tomorrow, but tonight I swear to you that it is.

I did one of Jane Espenson’s writing sprints and that was enough to kick me into gear. Ms. Espenson has written for many TV series (Buffy, Once Upon a Time, and the web series Husbands are among the many) and you can follow her on Twitter: @JaneEspenson. I’ve seen her writing sprints announced, seen her tweet about how great the sessions were, seen other people gush about them, but never participated until today.

I must be disciplined and do more!


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