You (Don’t) Smell


A few posts ago, I talked about how I never use smell in my writing.

Turns out that my nose might be dull after all. Commenter Pearson Sharp had an excellent idea: keep a nose journal. By listing what I smell during the day, I would become more aware of them. I still need to actually carry a journal and do that faithfully, but I have tried to pay more attention. The problem is that I’m not noticing anything new. In fact, I was in the elevator one day and the other person in it asked if I smelled the burning. I didn’t. The elevator wasn’t on fire or anything, so my nose isn’t completely dead, but I was surprised that I couldn’t smell anything when this woman was so adamant that something (a neighbor’s cooking was her guess) was on fire.

And this was right after I was so excited that I wrote smell into the first page of my new story. That smell? Vomit.

I’m off to a great start.


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