My current WIP is begging to be written in first person. While I’ve given up fighting it, I’m still having a hard time going with the flow. My plan was to exorcise all my first-person fears into today’s blog post and thus overcome and go on my merry writing way. Turns out, writing why I don’t like writing in first person is about as hard for me as simply writing in first person. So, I’m going to post a picture of my latest desk accessory purchase instead. Meet my tape dispenser.

Green frog. The roll of tape is nestled in it's back. It's tongue is sticking out and curls up at the tip. The tip is the blade that cuts the tape. I think it's smiling.


6 thoughts on “Frog!

  1. I say give in and tell it first person. In my experience, our stories tend to know better than we do. Especially if you hate writing first person. Your story is teaching you to let go.

    And believe me, after writing 13 novels last year, I learned damn fast that if I argue with my story, it will stop talking. Period. Like, take-no-prisoners-I-will-sing-Call-Me-Maybe-until-you-write-me-how-I-want kind of not talking.

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