More Musings on First Person


First person stories draw me in quickly. I immediately adapt to their way of thinking and seeing their world. I’m on their side from the beginning. Of course, since I’m only seeing things unfold from their perspective, it’s easier to be drawn in, so I think that’s why I also trust them less. While third person narrators can certainly be unreliable or sneaky in what they dole out, their distance lends them credibility in my eyes.

Which POV do you prefer reading?


5 thoughts on “More Musings on First Person

  1. alicebrook1502

    Depends on the theme and general atmosphere of the story really. For example, Terry Prattchet just wouldn’t work if it was written in first person and some of Hemingway’s writing just wouldn’t work in third…

  2. Before I started “studying” writing, I think I preferred first-person. Now that I have begun to understand the *craft* of writing and how difficult it can be to keep a distance and write a story from so many different perspectives, I prefer third-person.

  3. I don’t really have a preference, although if I really dislike the protagonist, first person can be deadly. I’ve written in both first and third person and enjoy them both. Not head-hopping can be a challenge in third, though.

  4. I never really had a preference, and most of the books I’ve read have been a mix of both. Although, my two favourite books of all are basically first person narratives, while some of my more favourite contemporary novels are more third person narratives.
    I guess it would depend on the context of the story itself. When I tackled my own novel, the nature of the story dictated a first person narrative.

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