Hospital Muzac?

Background is sheet of music. Foreground is a crumpled sheet of music that looks a little like a mountain

Music Sheet by rockindave1 CC 3.0

I’ve admitted in several posts that I don’t listen to much music (here and here).

So for some inexplicable reason, I’m the one in charge of a terrific project: compiling an iPod playlist for a friend in the hospital. How cool right? Like the mixed tapes of yore, passing on things you love and think someone else will love during a crappy time. Except for that whole me not listening to music thing.

Since everyone in the group is pitching in ideas, I’m not on my own. That’s a blessing for the recipient!

But I’m still frozen in musical fear. What on earth do I contribute?

Going through a mental playlist of songs I that remember liking turns out to be a terrible way for me to actually remember songs. However, if I go to the grocery store I find myself singing to all the 80s songs they play. Since my mental playlist came up with upbeat tunes like “I’m Only Happy When It Rains,” I may have to head to the grocery store in order to finish this project.


2 thoughts on “Hospital Muzac?

  1. Kim

    Oh, such a sure sign of getting older when “our” music is on the muzac-grocery-store playlist! Guess you’ll be spending much time in grocery stores and elevators during the next days doing research? FYI, another source is the “call waiting” music if you call a bank, pharmacy or store. Like you, I never listen to music either (and I LIKE music). Try on your computer. If you type in an artist you like, they’ll make suggestions of others of that type and vintage. I’ve rediscovered much of the music of my youth on Pandora Radio. Good luck!

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