Random or Hospital Muzac 2


This weekend, I’ve been compiling music for my friend’s hospital say…it’s an education in music AND my friends. Surprisingly, only one piece of music was requested twice. Two bands were stand-outs (and oddly didn’t have the twice-requested piece).

But because I’ve been listening to music a lot lately, does that mean I know how to listen to music? There’s an online course offered by Carnegie Hall that teaches you how to listen to and enjoy music (specifically orchestra). According to this clip: “Listening is an art unto itself.”

Helpful Hint: If you have a Google Voice account (free), you can easily download your voice mails onto your computer and then transfer them from your computer onto the iPod you happen to be making for your friend. I thought some well wishes mixed in between the songs would be a fun surprise. And it lets you throw in a self-read short story or poem for more literary minded hospital patients.


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