Sorry for the late notice, but there’s a pitch party on Twitter tomorrow. That’s right, boil your query letter down to 133 characters (leaving room for the hashtag, of course) and cast a wide net! Click the big image below to learn more at Brenda Lee Drake’s blog.

Pitch Madness | Twitter Pitch Party on the hashtag #PitMad | March 29th 8 AM EST to 6 PM EST

While I’m excited about the Pitch Madness, my first reaction was “another hoop to jump through?” But I decided to jump and think that I actually wrote a good hook for my query letter (finally!). Not that my weak hook was the only bad thing about my query letter, but it didn’t do me any favors. And not that I have the perfect hook now, but I can safely say that, thanks to Twitter, I’ve got a better one.

Have you ever tried to sum up your novel in a tweet?


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