You Know You’re A Writer When: Lightbulb!

Three plastic light switches flipped to the off position. They are slightly fatter and squater than modern switches and the plate behind them looks like arusty metal.

Old Light Switches by Orange Steeler CC 3.0

Well, light switches actually.

These aren’t my switches, but they look cooler so I thought I’d use this picture rather than show you the boring white ones that probably look a lot like the ones you already have on your wall.

But picture the ones on your wall. The ones you use everyday. The ones you probably pay no attention to…until one day. Until the day you notice that one of the screws isn’t in all the way.

Perhaps it’s due, as your husband says, to normal wear and jostling — years of the plate being pushed, ever so slightly, up and down. Or, more likely, it’s because someone tampered with the wiring.

Did they flip it so off is on and on is off as a practical joke? Did they disconnect it totally so as to not work when someone sneaks in later that night? Did they plant a bug? Did they hide jewels or drugs in the light switch box?

Why would your character find the light plate only partially screwed in?


2 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Writer When: Lightbulb!

  1. I guess it would depend on the story that my character resides in… A normal everyday sort might figure it’s time for some house repair, which might lead to a comedy of mishaps and brutal accidents in fixing things around the house…
    A spy might figure something is wrong and find something behind the panel… or the spy might just be killed right there and then the moment he tried to do something with the panel.
    A character in a horror story might just lose an eye when he/she tries to take a closer look… or find a loose eye-ball behind the panel staring back in some hideous fashion…

    …or perhaps contemplate the meaning of the universe behind the existence of a loose light panel, and in flicking the switch… turn off the sun.
    maybe that’s a little too far.

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