Feelings: Water


Every Thursday I take a water aerobics class.

This post isn’t to bore you with my exercise routine or to discuss that, as a kid, I was convinced that Jaws lived in the diving end of the pool and that she would eat me if I turned my back (did I type that out loud?).

I want to talk about the feeling of water. I love it, but it’s hard to describe. I definitely feel surrounded, cocooned, by a slight pressure, but I can run, squat, do jumping jacks or other exercises. There is more resistance, but my cocoon isn’t restrictive.

Close to the surface, water glides over me. Deeper under, I can push through or float through.

I was thinking this because I didn’t shave before class. Instead of a single sheet of silk or ribbon flowing over my legs, I felt many, slight ripples all around.

I don’t need to describe this feeling in my WIP or anything, but was struck by the difference and my lack of ability to put the difference into words. Even what I have above doesn’t “feel” right.

I spent most of my class actually paying attention to the instructor. Silly me. I should have spent more time just moving and thinking about the right words.

Have you ever needed to describe moving in water? How did you do it?


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