Writing and Fingerprints


“We can find out if the suspect is a male or female. We can understand whether or not a person has dealt drugs or actually taken drugs” Dr Simona Francese, Project Leader, Sheffield Hallam University

Here’s an interesting BBC article about how the police may be able to use fingerprints in the future. It sounds a little CSI-y…you know, the point in the show where they get a crystal clear image of someone’s eye from a security camera across the street and then proceed to zoom in and ID the perp off the reflection on said eye.

The fingerprint findings aren’t quite court-ready yet, and I’m sure it will be even longer before those methods making across the pond. However, my brain is already spinning. How could this be used, or better yet, misused in a story?



2 thoughts on “Writing and Fingerprints

    • Misusing things is always more fun.

      I’ll have to think about how to work in a glass eye.

      If you ever venture into fiction, you’re more than welcome to take back the glass eye…wait, didn’t you write a non-fiction piece about glass eyes?

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