You Know You’re a Writer When: Stairs


Front steps to a business and the surrounding sidewalk are torn up during construction, revealing the space underneath the steps.You know you’re a writer when you’re on your way to a restaurant for dinner, pass a mini-construction site and think not “ooh, I should avoid the yellow roped-off area” or “I’d better be on the look out for debris” or “gee, I’m really hungry, I hope we get there soon.” No, you think “I wonder what they found when they opened that up. Ooh, a body. No, a skeleton. No, a mummy. A mummified skeleton.”

I do tend toward the dead bodies, don’t I? I really should branch out my line of thought, or start writing mysteries.

Branching out, exercise 1:

Other things that could be found in the hole under the stoop:



An old lotto ticket

Barer bonds

Jewelry…engagement ring or locket with old photo.

Baby shoes


What is my list missing?

8 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Writer When: Stairs

  1. Mema

    1) Nothing. It’s a hole that leads somewhere.
    2) Guns.
    3) A mystery box.
    4) A sack of money.
    5) Liquor (preferably from the prohibition era).
    6) A child.
    7) A child that doesn’t look human.
    8) A demon.
    9) Jimmy Hoffa’s body.
    10) Bones of an unsolved murder case.

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